Introducing Australian Finance Partners


I am pleased to announce the establishment of Australian Finance Partners, a newly created Finance Broking business I have established with my father in law, Joe Siragusa.

Over the past few years we have identified that many customers suffer from regularly changing bankers that makes it extremely difficult to have any meaningful relationship with a financier. We remember the days when a banker was a real “trusted advisor” to customers, where the customer felt comfortable using their banker as a sounding board for future business objectives. We feel this has changed dramatically over the last decade and we are aiming to recreate that type of experience through Australian Finance Partners. We are hoping to provide that longer term relationship for you and your business to assist you with your finance arrangements and engaging the right bankers and right products at the most competitive financing rates.

As many of you know I have spent over 20 years in the banking and finance industry, the bulk of which in senior leadership roles with NAB. My father in law, Joe has spent over 40 years in the financial services sector dealing with the SME market. Joe is also a volunteer mentor for Small Business, Finsia and Teach for Australia so has a strong understanding of the challenges facing small business today.

Our combined knowledge of the banking industry enables us to understand our customers’ needs and then obtain fast and efficient finance approvals at the right price. Our history in the banking sector gives us the understanding of what information banks require and how they need it communicated to make your first pitch to the banks, a successful one. We also understand different banks risk appetites and pricing models to enable us to source the right finance solution for you and your business.

Our license is not restricted to dealing with just 2 or 3 preferred financiers. With around 50 financiers on our lending panel there is a finance solution for most circumstances.

As a family business we pride ourselves on having open and honest conversations. We believe that communication is the key to a meaningful long term relationship and we aim to keep you informed and value to you and your business every step of the way with your finance application.

We would love to discuss your personal and business banking arrangements, and your future goals and ambitions. We would love even more to be able to establish a long term relationship and assist you achieve your future goals.

If you have any immediate questions or would like to meet with us please feel free to make contact with either myself or Joe and introduce yourself.



3 thoughts on “Introducing Australian Finance Partners

  • Antony, You’ll remember that you and I started our working relationship on the 7th tee at Portsea Golf Club when you were running a NAB Golf Day on the Mornington Peninsula.
    We were trying to fund our company’s growth through cash flow. Your insights, your understanding of our business and what financial structure we needed, have been fundamental to our success.
    When we bought the business, it was a tiny speck on our prime (US) supplier’s radar, yet with your advice, (and a fair degree of hard work it must be said), within 4 years we were the third biggest distributor in the world outside the US.
    And we now live up here in paradise on the Gold Coast, again, due to your excellent advice and support.
    I can’t speak highly enough of you as a trusted advisor and as an individual whose opinion I value.
    We wish you and Joe great success.

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